Types of poker software currently popular with players

When it comes to poker, almost every online player today would have heard about poker software or tools. Online poker is not just a skill or luck game but is a game that can be improved through the use of poker tools and programs. Players today want to have an edge over the others by using the latest software in the market. Software like tracking tools, stalking tools, calculators and pot odd programs have brought a new dimension in online poker. Players have the ability to make decisions based on concrete statistical information. Given below are some of the popular poker software types today.

Hand converters

Hand converters allow the players to get the history files from the online rooms. These programs can convert the files into easy to understand formats. These tools are basically used for analysis of their played hands. Hand Converters can also provide information about pot size, blind level, seating order and stack sizes. This makes it easy for the players to analyze their own hands as well as the hands of their opponents to gain better understanding about their strategy. This particular tool can also be used to get statistical information about any opponent.

In some cases, information about opponents may not be legally available through an online poker room. However, a player may send in a request for the information and the poker room may oblige. PokerStat had been the first ever Hand Converter in the online poker industry to be introduced in the year 2001. Today there are several other such functional tools available for players.

Odd Calculators

Odd calculators in poker are tools which are used to get the winning chances, tying chances and losing chances of a player. Poker is a game that involves many complexities since the rules are constantly changing. Odd calculators are statistical machines which help players gain a better understanding about the mathematical aspect of the game. There are basically three types of calculators used in poker- relative calculators, advantage calculators and odds calculators. Odds calculators are used for calculating winning ratios of players. The advantage calculator is used to calculate winning ratios and for normalizing this ratio according to the number of players on the table.

Both these calculators offer results for different game scenarios. The variables for game scenarios are number of players for the game, hand available and the type of game played. The relative calculators are used for displaying winning chances according to the winning chance of an opponent. Each of these three calculators have their own use and their own function and can be useful in different circumstances.

With the popularity of online poker increasing at a fast rate every single day, the popularity of poker tools is also increasing. Other than the two poker tools discussed above there are also a wide range of other poker tools that are used by players, beginners as well as professionals.