Some of the most popular kids’ movies

There are so many varieties even within kids’ movies these days that it becomes hard to pick. Unlike earlier, where a kids’ movie would have the same pattern and element to it, these days you have seen a whole new form of genre within kids’ movie. On one hand you have movies that almost always involve animals and very few humans, and yet these creatures are still very colorful and charming and funny.

Madagascar, for example, has a wonderful scenario that shows the merging of animals that were only brought up in a zoo with those out in the wild. Funny accents, amazing dialogues and truly memorable moments make this movie worth watching again and again.

Lion King is a classic example of a kids’ movie that is never too old to watch. It is enjoyed by all and can never tire anyone, especially a kid who is fond of Simba and the wild yet connected jungle that has both caring and eccentric characters that will make you awe and cry, yet you will find yourself, smiling and laughing. This movie is always a feel good animation and a fantastic entertainer that never disappoints and hence, a must watch, for your kids.

‘Finding Nemo’ is aquatic animated film that will make you laugh, cry and laugh again. The colorful fish, the funny lines and the hunt for Nemo are all exciting and fun filled moments that make this movie worth watching.

Harry Potter has several movies to offer. During your long winter break, make your kids watch these amazing movies, dress them in robes, give them magic wands and help them explore the magical land of Hogwarts where spells can help and entertain you. The mischief and trouble the kids get in fill you with wonder and amazement! The number of movies for kids is so many that you can easily fill three to four days of your vacation watching these wonderful kids’ movies.

The Jungle book is yet another classic that should not be missed by any kids. The panther as well as the bear will make sure they leave a mark on your kids and teach them valuable lessons on friendship and company. They are also guaranteed to be entertained and amazed.

Alice in wonderland is another all time favorite that is highly popular. It is a masterpiece of Lewis Carroll that should be watched by all. If you are not entertained by the growing and shrinking Alice, you definitely will be amazed by the caterpillar and the mad hatter, Cheshire cat and the famous queen of hearts.

Wizard of Oz might belong to the 1930s, but the story and the adventures of Dorothy and the tin man will never fail to disappoint! However, since it is old, may be slightly older kids will appreciate and understand the movie better. It is however still in color so your kids should be able to enjoy this truly charming classic.

Twilight seems to be the latest hype amongst kids and girls in particular. Vampire stories were very popular at one time and they seem to be back in the mainstream again.