‘Up in the Attic’ is a film based on the Hip Hop era of the 1980’s. It is the story of a time when New Jersey was known as 6th Borough. It is the story of normal suburban Afro-American teenagers who find themselves surrounded by many vices including drugs, sex and peer pressure. The film has many positive messages for its viewers as well as some valuable lessons for the teenagers. With some good hip hop genre music the film also succeeds in providing comic relief when you watch it.

‘Up in the Attic’ was written and directed by Kamal Imani, who also is the Executive producer of the film. Christopher Brown of BrownDogg Productions gives Cinematography in the film and also acts as Imani’s co-director. The main star cast of the film includes Perry Wynn, Jamian Blackmon, JP (Jerseys Prince), Tyron Saulsbury, Jarred Solomon, Will Steen, Steven A. Robinson, Isatu Kaigziabiher, and Ericka M. Williams.

Kamal Supreme AKA Kamal Imani is a Hip Hop Lyricist and spoken word poet who is famous for his highly energetic public performances. He is also an established actor. His music is also featured in a hip hop horror movie, “Golddigger Killer”. He also makes a cameo appearance in the horror movie.

The movie transports one back to almost three decades back. “The Attic” was a cool hangout place for a group of popular teenagers back in the 1980s. As the rumors about this place spread, every curious teenager wanted to know more about this place. Every teenager who wanted to be cool wanted to visit this place and get a chance to become a part of its hip hop culture. Every teenage girl wanted to meet one of the brothers and even date him. All the so called hard punks wanted to know what was happening on up in The Attic that made it so special. They wanted to know why all the girls were crazy about meeting this gang.

A fraternity of teenage brothers forms a posse, popularly known as Asiatic Brothers, the Brothers, and the Gods. The Attic was where they all used to hang out and where everything happened. The band of boys learned some valuable live lessons with their self styled wisdom, unique personalities, fresh outlook on life, street smartness and their street astrology. Besides having fun, the brothers together experienced love, peace, unity and hatred at The Attic.

What make this movie appealing to the viewers are its witty dialogue, and the concept of reality. There are many comedy scenes also present at many parts of the movie that keep the viewers entertained. The targeted audience is the youth and the teenagers; but it will also be loved by any old school hip-hop who decides to watch it. They will be reminded of the era they used to live in and grew up in.

‘Up in the Attic’ was released on October 1, 2009 by the studio, RevolutionaryArt Innertainment in theatres worldwide. The movie is also available in DVD for collectors.