Not all kids movies are appropriate for kids

Wise people say that childhood is probably the best time in a person’s life. There are no worries nor any stress, in childhood. Kids are literally blessings provided to us by God. Although they are a boon, it’s often hard to entertain them. This is especially true on weekends when kids do not go to school. There is hardly any activity to do around the house and hence, you, as a parent, should think about something to keep your child entertained. Well, you should ideally think of an activity which can help you and your child get closer. You can paint or cook with your daughter, but after a point of time, even the above mentioned activities get boring. Winter brings with it both happiness and sadness. Kids love to play in the snow and race down the nearby hill on a sledge but when it’s too cold, there is nothing that the kids can do. This is where movies come in.
It’s obvious that kids will enjoy films made for them, rather than watching movies meant for other age groups. Kids are the new target of Hollywood and companies like Walt Disney produce films to keep the kids entertained, every year. Watching movies is something you can enjoy along with you son/daughter. You will be able to bond with your daughter/son, this way. Kids movies sounds like a great idea. They are bound to be innocuous, innocent and gentle!! Many of the movies will likely be in cartoon format. Some of the most famous Kids movies include Tintin (which is released recently), Stuart Little (which you can watch at any age), Puss in the Boots (which literally cracks you up) etc. These are some of the movies which you can watch with your kids.

Watching movies meant for children, with your kids, is a highly enjoyable activity! However, the whole spectacle can actually get messy. If you think that there is no vulgarity in the movies which you are showing your kids, you may just be mistaken. It depends on your perception as to what vulgar is and what is not. There are some pictures which may be appropriate for an 11 year old, but not appropriate for a 6 year old. You need to ensure that the movie does not contain risqué comments, which also find a place in movies, meant for kids. Although there won’t be any nudity involved, you need to ensure that the movie, you are watching with your kid, does not contain images and dialogues that you may not want your child to hear, at that age. It’s also possible that Kids movies, sometimes, use language which is surely not appropriate for a 6-7 year old. You should strictly steer away from kids movies which showcase the use of cigars or any other addictive substances. There are cartoon movies where a guy may be shown having a smoke, something which you surely do not want to expose to your kids to.

All in all, you should make certain that whatever movie your kid, is appropriate for his/her age.