Generating Income through Bonus Hunting and How Poker Sites are retaliating to the Abuse

The bonus hunting is a method of poker bonus abuse. Several poker sites have incurred heavy losses as a result of clients abusing the bonuses. This has resulted to introduction of new rules that will help in regulating this new poker headache. The online gaming sites have eliminated players from some countries from receiving the benefits since that are the major abusers of the courtesy. If you are newbie in the gaming industry, read on for more information on bonus abuse, how it works and the strategies being applied by the sites to combat the abuse.

All casinos make profits because they feature what is referred to as house edge. The advantage held by gamers varies from one game to the other. Games that have low house edge means that players will only have small losses while higher house edge means gamers incurs greater losses. The house edge has direct relationship with the `size of the jackpots’. Many gamers are willing to sacrifice low house edge for bigger returns. The jackpots are rarely won but whenever a winner emerges, they amount to $10,000 and above with sometimes going to above a $1 million.

As a way of attracting clients to the casinos, these sites offer their new players hard cash to attract them into the site. This is unlike the brick and mortar casinos which are capable of attracting their clients with exquisite lodgings, beer and beautiful women. The usual offers comes as you deposit $x and you get $x in return as a favor. When the player is offered a bonus, they get advantageous playing conditions that help them to overcome the house edge.

The bonus abusers rove from one casino to the other looking for the poker site with the best bonus offers. Once they have established sites with high bonuses, they register and play games with low house edge to meet the wagering requirement. Once the wagering requirements are accomplished, they withdraw the bonus and the deposited amount. Many people tend to assume that the casinos are offering bonuses and that is the risk they take. Well, this is abuse of the favor since the gamblers are taking advantage of the casinos. This has led to establishment of strategies aimed at fighting the unfair gaming edge to cut the losses incurred.

One of the ways that the poker sites are fighting back the bonus abuse is through elimination of the games with low house edge. Many sites have scraped off games such as baccarat, roulette and blackjack as a method of discouraging the bonus abusers. Other poker sites have taken their fight back a notch higher such that they offer bonuses on slot machines only. The big question however remains, what happens to people who wants to play the low edge games and are not bonus abusers?’ The answer is a tough nut to crack.

The last option for controlling poker bonus abuse is through offering sticky bonus offers. The amount is added into the games bankroll so that they can get playing but when they are withdrawing the amount is deducted. This hinders the bonus abusers since they will not be capable of withdrawing the discounted amount.