Some of the most popular kids’ movies

There are so many varieties even within kids’ movies these days that it becomes hard to pick. Unlike earlier, where a kids’ movie would have the same pattern and element to it, these days you have seen a whole new form of genre within kids’ movie. On one hand you have movies that almost always involve animals and very few humans, and yet these creatures are still very colorful and charming and funny.

Madagascar, for example, has a wonderful scenario that shows the merging of animals that were only brought up in a zoo with those out in the wild. Funny accents, amazing dialogues and truly memorable moments make this movie worth watching again and again.

Lion King is a classic example of a kids’ movie that is never too old to watch. It is enjoyed by all and can never tire anyone, especially a kid who is fond of Simba and the wild yet connected jungle that has both caring and eccentric characters that will make you awe and cry, yet you will find yourself, smiling and laughing. This movie is always a feel good animation and a fantastic entertainer that never disappoints and hence, a must watch, for your kids.

‘Finding Nemo’ is aquatic animated film that will make you laugh, cry and laugh again. The colorful fish, the funny lines and the hunt for Nemo are all exciting and fun filled moments that make this movie worth watching.

Harry Potter has several movies to offer. During your long winter break, make your kids watch these amazing movies, dress them in robes, give them magic wands and help them explore the magical land of Hogwarts where spells can help and entertain you. The mischief and trouble the kids get in fill you with wonder and amazement! The number of movies for kids is so many that you can easily fill three to four days of your vacation watching these wonderful kids’ movies.

The Jungle book is yet another classic that should not be missed by any kids. The panther as well as the bear will make sure they leave a mark on your kids and teach them valuable lessons on friendship and company. They are also guaranteed to be entertained and amazed.

Alice in wonderland is another all time favorite that is highly popular. It is a masterpiece of Lewis Carroll that should be watched by all. If you are not entertained by the growing and shrinking Alice, you definitely will be amazed by the caterpillar and the mad hatter, Cheshire cat and the famous queen of hearts.

Wizard of Oz might belong to the 1930s, but the story and the adventures of Dorothy and the tin man will never fail to disappoint! However, since it is old, may be slightly older kids will appreciate and understand the movie better. It is however still in color so your kids should be able to enjoy this truly charming classic.

Twilight seems to be the latest hype amongst kids and girls in particular. Vampire stories were very popular at one time and they seem to be back in the mainstream again.

Some recommendations for kids’ movies

It is that time of the year when it is too cold to go out and hence the most favorite past time of most kids is to watch a lot of movies indoors. Luckily, several movies come out every year that are both fun and entertaining, for kids. The popular film release this year namely Tintin is animated but the action sequences can be enjoyed by all.
Most kids are fond of adventure, laughs, a lot of colors and anything magical seems to work pretty much in any kids’ movie!

Kung Fu Panda 2: A perfect way to spend your time with your grand kids or children. This movie can be enjoyed by all and should definitely not be left out this winter vacation!

Hugo: This splendid 3D film is filled with action and adventure that will amaze your kids.

Winnie the Pooh: the darling old bear is back with plenty of entertainment and his greedy yet endearing tummy.

Harry potter and the deathly hallows has lived up to its name. It has been well received by everyone and should definitely not be missed out on during this holiday season.

Dora The Explorer: If you love the Halloween mood, then you will definitely love Dora the Explorer which is indeed full of tricks as well as treats. It has a Halloween theme to it which involves a magical hunt for a wand. You see pumpkin patches, hunt games and you are guaranteed to have a lot of fun while watching the movie.

Nickelodeon: This particular name has become a household sound in a family that has young kids, and understandably so. Very few characters are as endearing and funny to watch as SpongeBob SquarePants Nickelodeon Rocket Power and several others.

Toy Story: This definitely has to be on top of every family’s list that involves younger kids. To make their holidays and evenings even more exciting you can plan to watch all the series together and make a marathon out of it!

Shrek: The same can be said for these movies where the mean looking yet adorable green ogre and the lovable donkey have a lot to offer during the movie. Here, you will find everything that can make any kids’ dreams come true: knights, metamorphosis, Pinocchio, Puss in Boots and all your favorite fairy tale characters!

Stuart little: This adorable little mouse is loved by kids and adults alike. His adventures as well as the story provide a refreshing form of entertainment to kids of all ages.

Ice Age: Just like most of the kids’ movies, this one too has not just one but several characters that are fun to watch, incredible to listen to and just hilarious enough that you will not want to deprive your kids of the wonderful storylines and the fantastic and colorful creatures within this movie.

To make the movie nights with your kids even more exciting, make sure you have a lot of food, drinks and maybe even decorations that can match the theme of the movie you are watching. This can be in the form of action figures, and posters.

Not all kids movies are appropriate for kids

Wise people say that childhood is probably the best time in a person’s life. There are no worries nor any stress, in childhood. Kids are literally blessings provided to us by God. Although they are a boon, it’s often hard to entertain them. This is especially true on weekends when kids do not go to school. There is hardly any activity to do around the house and hence, you, as a parent, should think about something to keep your child entertained. Well, you should ideally think of an activity which can help you and your child get closer. You can paint or cook with your daughter, but after a point of time, even the above mentioned activities get boring. Winter brings with it both happiness and sadness. Kids love to play in the snow and race down the nearby hill on a sledge but when it’s too cold, there is nothing that the kids can do. This is where movies come in.
It’s obvious that kids will enjoy films made for them, rather than watching movies meant for other age groups. Kids are the new target of Hollywood and companies like Walt Disney produce films to keep the kids entertained, every year. Watching movies is something you can enjoy along with you son/daughter. You will be able to bond with your daughter/son, this way. Kids movies sounds like a great idea. They are bound to be innocuous, innocent and gentle!! Many of the movies will likely be in cartoon format. Some of the most famous Kids movies include Tintin (which is released recently), Stuart Little (which you can watch at any age), Puss in the Boots (which literally cracks you up) etc. These are some of the movies which you can watch with your kids.

Watching movies meant for children, with your kids, is a highly enjoyable activity! However, the whole spectacle can actually get messy. If you think that there is no vulgarity in the movies which you are showing your kids, you may just be mistaken. It depends on your perception as to what vulgar is and what is not. There are some pictures which may be appropriate for an 11 year old, but not appropriate for a 6 year old. You need to ensure that the movie does not contain risqué comments, which also find a place in movies, meant for kids. Although there won’t be any nudity involved, you need to ensure that the movie, you are watching with your kid, does not contain images and dialogues that you may not want your child to hear, at that age. It’s also possible that Kids movies, sometimes, use language which is surely not appropriate for a 6-7 year old. You should strictly steer away from kids movies which showcase the use of cigars or any other addictive substances. There are cartoon movies where a guy may be shown having a smoke, something which you surely do not want to expose to your kids to.

All in all, you should make certain that whatever movie your kid, is appropriate for his/her age.


Directed by the John Dahl, Rounders follows the life of a New York Mike McDermott (acted by Matt Damon) as he potentially losses his entire bank balance in a subsequent game of Texas hold’em poker against teddy KGB (acted by John Malkovich) who was a Russian gangster who runs an illegal underground betting and poker room.

After initially losing all his savings, mike starts concentrating on his law studies while doing a part time delivery truck driving job. He also promises his girlfriend and best buddy Jo (Gretchen Mol) not to gamble any more. This particular promise is kept only a while as after one of his childhood friends Lester Murphy ‘Worm’ (Edward Norton) is effectively released from prison.

Like Mike, Worm is also a previous card player, but unfortunately owes a enormously mount up debt just before imprisonment and to make matters worse Worm influences mike enough to start rounding again which in effect causes a lapse in concentration and sever interference with his law studies.

The second half of the movies showcases how, (after Worm had been given a deadline of five days to sum up all he owed), Mike and worm engagingly raced to making fifteen thousand dollars by playing numerous card games around New York city but eventually end up losing all their bank roll after being caught cheating at a poker game.

Following this meticulous anomaly Worm chooses to leave the city and the tilt advices Mike to do the same mentioning all the debt that he owed was due to the same KGB mobster who previously cleaned up Mike’s thirty thousand dollar major bank roll.

Declining to flee the city Mike borrows a quick buck from his law professor Petrovsky and sits for one final encounter with KGB, the man who made him quite the game few months back and in a race against time to ward off Worm’s debt challenges Teddy in a heads up, no limit Texas Hold’em poker game for with a last miraculous chance of redeeming for lost things.

Eventually Mike beats KGB in two highly heated heads up games and finally wins ample money to pay off Worm’s debt, his teacher’s loan and to secure his previously lost thirty thousand bank roll. The movie ends on the note with Mike dropping out of Law school and (after saying his goodbyes to Jo) leaving for Las Vegas for playing in the world Poker series main event.

Even though the film wasn’t greeted as kindly as the synopsis suggest it may have this particular story teaches and reveals many of the pros and cons of living a gambling life and how a person is always on edge in such a particular lifestyle. This movie also served as a big breakthrough for Matt Damon while featuring his true talents in the field of adventure and action packed thrilling scenes.

All in all one of the most thrilling suspense movies of the late nineties with shear talented performance on all ends of the bargain. This movie is a treat to watch.

Types of poker software currently popular with players

When it comes to poker, almost every online player today would have heard about poker software or tools. Online poker is not just a skill or luck game but is a game that can be improved through the use of poker tools and programs. Players today want to have an edge over the others by using the latest software in the market. Software like tracking tools, stalking tools, calculators and pot odd programs have brought a new dimension in online poker. Players have the ability to make decisions based on concrete statistical information. Given below are some of the popular poker software types today.

Hand converters

Hand converters allow the players to get the history files from the online rooms. These programs can convert the files into easy to understand formats. These tools are basically used for analysis of their played hands. Hand Converters can also provide information about pot size, blind level, seating order and stack sizes. This makes it easy for the players to analyze their own hands as well as the hands of their opponents to gain better understanding about their strategy. This particular tool can also be used to get statistical information about any opponent.

In some cases, information about opponents may not be legally available through an online poker room. However, a player may send in a request for the information and the poker room may oblige. PokerStat had been the first ever Hand Converter in the online poker industry to be introduced in the year 2001. Today there are several other such functional tools available for players.

Odd Calculators

Odd calculators in poker are tools which are used to get the winning chances, tying chances and losing chances of a player. Poker is a game that involves many complexities since the rules are constantly changing. Odd calculators are statistical machines which help players gain a better understanding about the mathematical aspect of the game. There are basically three types of calculators used in poker- relative calculators, advantage calculators and odds calculators. Odds calculators are used for calculating winning ratios of players. The advantage calculator is used to calculate winning ratios and for normalizing this ratio according to the number of players on the table.

Both these calculators offer results for different game scenarios. The variables for game scenarios are number of players for the game, hand available and the type of game played. The relative calculators are used for displaying winning chances according to the winning chance of an opponent. Each of these three calculators have their own use and their own function and can be useful in different circumstances.

With the popularity of online poker increasing at a fast rate every single day, the popularity of poker tools is also increasing. Other than the two poker tools discussed above there are also a wide range of other poker tools that are used by players, beginners as well as professionals.

How to Play, Win And Earn a Living on Online Poke

Some people claim that they can make a living through online poker. Indeed it is possible, but to achieve this, you need to succeed in over 50% of the games you participate in. Hence, it is not that easy to make money through this game; to make such amount, you must be able to do more than is required to succeed. There are people who have made it and are earning a good amount of money in this game.

There are few things that you need to do to for you to achieve this goal. What should motivate you is the fact that there are people who have earned a lot of money by playing offline poker and are leading a good life. If it is possible to lead a good and successful life through offline poker, why should it not be possible with online poker? This should be the guiding question. Unless the rules in the online poker are very different from those of offline poker, then it is not possible to have such a successful life. But if the rules are the same, then why can’t an online poker player be a millionaire like offline poker player? The answer is that the rules are the same and it is possible for an online poker player to be rich.

It is important to identify how to play solid poker online and how it is different from offline poker. Offline poker gives you the opportunity to look into your opponents eyes and be able to tell the likely moves that they are about to make. This is very important since you can adjust your moves accordingly basing on their moves. Online poker does not give you this opportunity since it only affords you the chance to act after the opponent has made a move. But it is possible to discern their next move by observing their previous moves and by analyzing their previous betting patterns.

Another telling difference is the issue of speed. Online poker game is very fast as compared to the offline one; you are required to be very smart and fast. This is very tricky since you are likely to make a wrong costly move in the process; hence, you are required to be very keen, wise and sharp before making any move. Hence, it is worth mentioning that an online poker player is better off than an offline one in terms of wisdom and sharpness.

Online poker gives you a chance to refer to the relevant information that is likely to guide you in the game. You have access to the tools which will direct you on what do to win. Hence, you are in a position to refer to the information and succeed. Offline poker does not offer such information. Hence it is very possible for you to make money online and be successful. The characters required from an online poker player are very different from those of an offline poker player. You require a different personality from that of an offline player and you will be very successful.

A Few Words About The Interesting History Of Poker

Poker is a game that is hugely popular all over the world, but mostly with those in higher income groups. According to, poker history has evolved over ten centuries and combines the principles of various other games. Popular belief states that it originated with the Chinese, who may have invented the game around 969 AD when Mu-tsung, The Emperor, played a game of domino cards with the queen to celebrate New Year’s Eve. The game has been played in different parts of the world, but of course there were some variations. The Egyptians were believed to play card games as early as the 12th and 13th centuries. The game was also played in Persia around the 16th century and was called names such as “Treasure Cards” and “Ganjifa”. The cards used in these games are believed to have been made from precious and semi precious materials like ivory or costly wood. The games consisted of multiple rounds of betting and hand rankings.

Slowly the game spread to other parts of the world too. “Poque”, a French game and “Pochen”, a German game became popular during the 17th and 18th centuries, and was derived from a hugely popular Spanish game called “Primero”. This game is called affectionately by historians ‘poker’s mother’. It dates back to 1526, and common traits like bluffing or deceiving opponents by faking higher stakes were present in this game. The game was imported by French colonists when they traveled to Canada. With the French-Canadian settlers founding New Orleans, it spread throughout the whole country.

The first written reference to the game of poker dates back to the early 19th century, when Jonathan H. Green mentioned of the “cheating game”, being played on the riverboats of Mississippi. The 3 Card Monte – a game designed to deceive, was quickly replaced by this game. It was accepted by all and sundry because it was conceived as a more honest version of the previous card game concepts. Poker was born, as Green documented it in his book ‘An Exposure of the Arts and Miseries of Gambling’.

The popularity of poker spread like wildfire, and back in United States’ Wild West period a poker table was common in all sorts of establishments. Poker was among the most played games during the Civil War. Its position as a widely played game has only strengthened since then. Newer variations have been invented, and many sub variations have sprung up. The modern poker scenario has been dominated by three forms of the game. The very first is a game called the 5 Card Draw, which ruled the roost as the most popular poker game for a whole century. Then there was the 7 card stud game which was prevalent in the days before the Second World War, and survived due to the founding and subsequent growth of Las Vegas. The poker game Cadillac No Limit Texas Hold’em features next on the list. Poker is huge these days and played all around the world in homes, casinos and on online forums.

The Cincinnati kid

Acclimatized from Richard Jessup’s novel, The Cincinnati kid was written by Ring Lardner Jr. and Terry Southern. This particular film was Lardner’s first chief studio work since getting blacklisted after 1947 as one of the Hollywood Ten. Staring the fashion icon Steve McQueen and Edward G Robinson as Lancey ‘The man’ Howard, the Cincinnati kid was directed by Norman Jewison who originally replaced Sam peckinpah and called this piece of work his ugly ducking film while this particular script providing a transition to his career from step up comedies to more serious films and associated subjects.

According to Poker30 the film was shot in New Orleans, Louisiana, The Cincinnati kid follows the story of Eric ‘the kid’ Stoner (Steve McQueen), a young thirties era poker player who looks to institute his reputation as the best in the game while this expedition leads him to face Lancey ‘The man’ Howard (Edward G Robinson) an older poker expert considered to be the best ever. This tale concludes on the epic final hand played between the two.

The chronicle starts with the kid persuading an old friend shooter (Karl Malden), a skilled poker dealer, to set up a game between the kid and ‘The man’. Shooter in return cautions him about the repercussion it would cause in playing the man and how while previously he thought himself to be the best five card stud player in the world until the man instinctively proved dead wrong any such theories there in.

Initially Howard arranges a game between a well to do businessman, William Jefferson Slade (Rip Torn) with shooter as inducted to deal and while there at it, Howard takes Slade for a thirty hour game ripping him of six thousand dollars and furthermore wounding his pride.

Later that night; Slade tries to bribe shooter to cheat in the Kid’s match with Howard, in favor of Eric stoner but with shooter originally declining, Slade began to threaten him to call markets of worth twelve thousand dollars on shooter and also blackmails to reveal the disturbing information about his wife’s Melba (Ann Margret) affair.

With continuation the film folds and twist to the point where Howard, The kid and six other players gather at a poker table and shooter and Lady finger as their respective dealers. One by one all the players are burst out of the game with leaving a face to face duel between the newly contested rivals comprising of the Kid and The man.

Nearing the end the kid finds out about shooter’s intention to cheat and accordingly confronts him, after hearing his situation in a private break from the ongoing game, the Kid announces that shooter has fallen ill and instructs lady fingers to take over as the primary dealer. With each passing time the kid slams the man’s one move after another and consequently enough Howard losses his self confidence, just as it all seemed black and white with the Kid to be the next Man, Howard plays his vital final hand in a combination of the utmost clever calling and betting and finally wins the match, stating that even though the kid was a better opponent, as long as he stays the kid would always be second best and the film ends on the note of the Cincinnati kid losing again.

Generating Income through Bonus Hunting and How Poker Sites are retaliating to the Abuse

The bonus hunting is a method of poker bonus abuse. Several poker sites have incurred heavy losses as a result of clients abusing the bonuses. This has resulted to introduction of new rules that will help in regulating this new poker headache. The online gaming sites have eliminated players from some countries from receiving the benefits since that are the major abusers of the courtesy. If you are newbie in the gaming industry, read on for more information on bonus abuse, how it works and the strategies being applied by the sites to combat the abuse.

All casinos make profits because they feature what is referred to as house edge. The advantage held by gamers varies from one game to the other. Games that have low house edge means that players will only have small losses while higher house edge means gamers incurs greater losses. The house edge has direct relationship with the `size of the jackpots’. Many gamers are willing to sacrifice low house edge for bigger returns. The jackpots are rarely won but whenever a winner emerges, they amount to $10,000 and above with sometimes going to above a $1 million.

As a way of attracting clients to the casinos, these sites offer their new players hard cash to attract them into the site. This is unlike the brick and mortar casinos which are capable of attracting their clients with exquisite lodgings, beer and beautiful women. The usual offers comes as you deposit $x and you get $x in return as a favor. When the player is offered a bonus, they get advantageous playing conditions that help them to overcome the house edge.

The bonus abusers rove from one casino to the other looking for the poker site with the best bonus offers. Once they have established sites with high bonuses, they register and play games with low house edge to meet the wagering requirement. Once the wagering requirements are accomplished, they withdraw the bonus and the deposited amount. Many people tend to assume that the casinos are offering bonuses and that is the risk they take. Well, this is abuse of the favor since the gamblers are taking advantage of the casinos. This has led to establishment of strategies aimed at fighting the unfair gaming edge to cut the losses incurred.

One of the ways that the poker sites are fighting back the bonus abuse is through elimination of the games with low house edge. Many sites have scraped off games such as baccarat, roulette and blackjack as a method of discouraging the bonus abusers. Other poker sites have taken their fight back a notch higher such that they offer bonuses on slot machines only. The big question however remains, what happens to people who wants to play the low edge games and are not bonus abusers?’ The answer is a tough nut to crack.

The last option for controlling poker bonus abuse is through offering sticky bonus offers. The amount is added into the games bankroll so that they can get playing but when they are withdrawing the amount is deducted. This hinders the bonus abusers since they will not be capable of withdrawing the discounted amount.

The Rush of Victory In Poker

The thing about poker and tournament poker that makes it so addictive is that anyone can compete, from the lowliest unskilled to the veteran professional so long as they have the entry money. Every player wants to be the last man standing, the king of the mountain, the big cheese.

Whether you win one hand or the game of skill and logic but also of random luck. The great players will use skill to win over the course of time but luck and chance will leave you hanging right through to the river going face up, revealing if you got that Jack you needed for the Royal Flush. This is the seduce allure of poker and poker tournaments where everyone, no matter how skilled could be the man on top.

Winning is fun (it sure beats losing) but in ring poker games winning is not hard, and hundreds if not thousands of people are winning every day, and possibly at the same time you are. Doing the same thing as thousands of others does not give the same rush or thrill of being the one to achieve something original, original as in Neil Armstrong original.

However, when you clinch the win in a tournament, whether it is the World Series of Poker or the local card room’s monthly event or even a charity event, there is only one winner. There is only one king of the mountain. Someone else may be king tomorrow. However, who cares? You do not because you are the king, right now, when it matters most.

You must remember that in poker we keep score using money and not endorphins that give us that thrill, that rush of victory. Playing tournament poker just to get the winner’s high is like dragging a tank through a field, just because. Remember that the king of the mountain got to the top of his mountain by playing outstanding poker where he had all the math, angles and probabilities covered.

For most of us, we cannot afford to play poker as if we have millions in the bank to burn. The money you and I spend playing poker is not trivial. Poker is not about the thrill of the win. Poker is about winning, and winning money. When you play poker to win, you play to win money. The thrill comes from playing the cards right, reading your opponents and then manipulating in to playing your game is what triggers the victory rush of endorphins and gives that emotional high.

At the end of the day, poker is about winning to make money, not winning to get that victory rush. You want to get real satisfaction in winning at poker, take the long view: The more money you win, the better a poker player you are, the more money you can win. Remember: Money pays all the bills, and keeping the bills paid is what lets you chase the dream of being king of the mountain.